by Carl Kavorkian

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released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Carl Kavorkian Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

because fuck your eardrums.

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Track Name: ReapEat
- I see you now, trying to pull a reach around
- the featured clown, throwing up to keep us down
- a creature found, bound and gagged won't peep a sound
- while evils scrounge leaving holes through breeding grounds
- who's eating? how? They want you where?
- have it ready when? Or what's the consequence?
- squint like you don't understand the language of natives
- creep back and stand in sands of a land that you made up
- infested with gators, infection creators
- protecting the data, that shows that they hate us
- too blatant to play up, but keep playing on Playa
- laid out on la playa, neck deep when they play ya
- just peep when they pay up how quick in fact they get it back
- but skidding flat, when put to task
- out come the slacks with they ties and they suits on
- all full of themselves, who's next to get puked on?

- reap what you sow
- eat what you say
- actions you show
- make me feel this way
- down down down down

- this pen, it's mightier than a sword
- that was jammed thru your ribcage and severed your spinal cord
- inclined to design in a violent manner
- combined with a grind until fluids splatter
- true blue with a banner, but fake with a statement
- suppress where the hate went, and expected to cave in
- addressed with a trained grin, it was all muscle memory
- pie scent with a faint hint not to believe what they telling me
- squeeze cheese out of bellamy, fill bellies with bologna meat
- can see that he's selling these with a settling tone he speaks
- in a home that creaks and cracks when it settles
- in a zone with the creeps and the crap that they peddle
- meadows of larks shitting lemons while they're trotting the globe
- spitting hard to their lemmings
- when the program stops, it's good to the last drop
- ping of masks, and the clothes of their mascots
Track Name: MaterialLies
- You can step into my bakery
- rocking pastel colored pastries
- or whatever you choose
- sporting jimmy choos on your feet that look abused
- yeah, you hear me mocking
- covering corns with victoria’s secret stockings
- i’m driving a car that needs a bath or two
- laughing at you, on saks fifth avenue
- proud of your vera wang and prada
- but how much am i impressed...nada
- have you shedding tears up in the club
- with fears of smearing your mac makeup
- it’s caked on, so it spills in your drink
- your armani’s not armor, so i don’t care what your think
- that ulta purchase rubs off on my shirt
- your louis vuitton is nothing but dirt

- check one and two. material lies
- just wanting to defy your eyes

- i shop at marshall’s
- and tj maxx as true as my name is carl
- this date is ending
- on the fact that your fendi belt was offending
- your robert caivalli was hidden by your muffin top belly
- can you smell me?
- i hate that animal print. yeah
- even if it reveals the lily of france underwear

- dolce and gabbana’s played
- dkny why? payless is just fine
- it’s about what’s inside
- what is in side, what is inside. realize.
Track Name: CystDumb
- now how the fuck do you feel? Like I don't feel the same way
- as turned tables burn bright, suddenly you got a lot to say
- packing a lot of passion, behind a lot of hate
- not trying to bash on outdated ways, but it's a problem we can't escape
- lay down a challenge and offer a balance
- tipping the scales, don't drink from the fountain
- amounting a mountain, of course they were scoundrels
- pulling the earth from under up out you
- they mumble and doubt you, that smile is a scowl, dude
- they flip with a script to the tee of a how-to
- how do you do, when they're in the mood
- when in need of a good deed to abuse

- scraped sores. Just as uncomfortable
- scraped sores. as you don't want to make it.
- scraped sores. Grinds you down to the bones.
- scraped sores. And there is no escaping.

- they're peeping, they're creeping, they're coming, they're seeking
- the blood of a Virgin home owner's naiveness
- signing a waiver in blood on a paper
- a promise that's made up, don't color the neighbor
- the sweeter the juice, best check what it's made with
- the darker the berry, the higher the rate is
- dig deep in them pockets, keep face to the pavement
- consumed by a statement - hey wait, where the days went?
- play fool to being ruled, by decimal spaces
- we drink by the cases, stay drunk in location
- assume the position, and brace when it changes
- get graced with chainage, embrace what the chain is
Track Name: CoreRoad
A leaking seed bleeding a seed
Kinetic love barricaded by a feeling's greeting
She doesn't know better but it devours me inside
The mask secured but slowly corrodes
Flooded by tears, weathering the structure
A heart with inadequate arms
A target with an evasive misdemeanor
Ignorant of the meaning
Innocent by nature but mysteriously sadistic
Return of the masochist with persistence
Trying to see through resistance
Skin thickening, a burning callous that can't be toughed
Until the time is right
And the clock is ticking
Chaos upon silent ears
Taunting and mocking a spirit on the edge of exhaustion
Collapsed in time's sand, breathing the particles
Trained by the grains
Sedated by substance,
Inebriated by prior misconceptions
Thrust into the unknown and abandoned
Echoes in the chamber
With a chamber echoing
Taunting and mocking a spirit on the edge of exhaustion
Track Name: SpookDoubt
- you tremble in fear, step near if you dare
- look to your friends, but your friends couldn’t care
- do stuff with your hair, that’s nervousness there
- zone off in the air, in blankness you stare
- look for support, but it’s not happening
- cats wondering whats going on? if you’re still rapping?
- ignorance maddening. now what does that bring?
- like if you can’t sing, no one hears you broadcasting
- the last thing you want to be is ignored
- by someone whose ass stinks, showing ignorance more
- a signal goes off. your jaw hits the floor
- your legs cannot walk. your spine is a board
- and as fine as you thought, your plans go awry
- that glimmer of hope is now spit in your eye
- the grin is so wide on lucifer’s face
- he opened the cage let loose the spooks in this place

- black cats and bats and fat rats (rah) da dum

- the shakes in your wrist interfere with your script
- or whatever you lift to sip with your lips
- a wrinkle in time now grows to a fold
- a mold that’s so old, it’s fungus and mold
- black bats and rats and fat cats (nah)
- flashbacks to blasts in viet(nam)
- a look of distress is the way that your dressed
- your suit double breast, that’s made of regret
- a blazed cigarette is now invading your chest
- a placebo effect that’ll lead to your death
- you’re breathing and heaving, your breath you ain’t catching
- you can’t get a grip. you’re dizzy and sweating
- like adolescents in the presence of legends
- or your rocking some leggings with a hole in the rectum
- out of your element and feeling irrelevant
- with ghouls in the closet with bones of a skeleton
Track Name: JuggYulem
- can you feel the blood draining, through the flesh of your knuckles
- as you say fuck subtle, neck muscles buckle
- feel the last gasp as it blasts through your lashes
- feeling accomplishment and pride in your craft
- relieved as you leave leaving sweat in a puddle
- free from the struggle, all vexed from this hustle
- what's next in this tussle, a bed warmer's jungle
- running from a rumble in the back of the tunnel
- with all the lights out, play braille in the darkness
- seek and destroy, another game for the heartless
- a 90 inch kill screen in 4-Dimensions
- skipping thru commercials to avoid the tension
- and get right to the climax
- what's your purpose in my presence is something that i might ask
- then relieve you of our contact
- prune this growth, striking you down with a light ax

- seizing the moment, in your loss of consciousness
- go for the throat, and get what i'm trying to get
- now's the time, thoughts lost in your own mind
- thinking you cope fine, no strength in your own grind

- a slippery slope between a legend and a g.o.a.t.
- a grip on reality, and a hand around a throat
- locked in on your ocular, that's right i'm watching ya
- a finger on the pulse, box cutter on your jugular
- looking smug with a smile that's falsely written
- in a book of lies with poetic descriptions
- and i'm flipping thru the pages, chapters getting skipped
- scanning for some substance, pages getting ripped
- and i'm coming up with nothing
- applied to your bluffing is every ounce of strength that you could summon
- heart going numb but pumping
- fighting it's self trying to prove a useless something
- banging a head to a brick wall for sport
- to reach the other side where the dream distorts
- married to a game that'll scream divorce
- led off a path that'll careen your course

- seizing the moment, in your loss of consciousness
- go for the throat, and get what i'm trying to get
- now's the time, thoughts lost in your own mind
- thinking you cope fine, no strength in your own grind

- seize. the moment. uncon.scious human
- carpe. jugulum. kill what. you're pursuing.
(what's/how's your loss doing?)
Track Name: DeafEye
- Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
- just adding to the reasons not to like the prick
- throw a dollar in the ring and he would fight for it
- claw and bite for it, your throat might get slit
- making calls that are off the wall, so they'll fall
- and wonder what it as they're really worth at all
- taking all the credit for all of their thoughts
- trying to peek over their shoulders at the urinal
- and you already know, he'll be the first to blow
- what is relevant off, because he runs the show
- and be the next to go, if you cramp his flow
- forget about stepping cause he'll trample your toes
- trading peppers for down the line dollar signs
- human burger meat when he's out on the grind
- reminding in a memo sent thru the reader
- he's the leader, and you're the bottom feeder

- the number twelve looks like you
- the number twelve looks just like you

- little sally sells seashells, by the seashore
- with her tee tore, so you can see more
- cleavage so the green increase
- steady cheesing to appease the beast
- with a fist full of dollars, a mouth full of compli
- ments that end with a lot of, double entendres
- she often wonders as she wanders (scraping)
- if operations were behind her (augmentation)
- she'd be rolling in it, too much for double folding it
- the more she obsesses, the colder she gets
- caught in silicone thoughts, botox dreams
- a well written scene, that's not what it seems
- on ice off the cream with some nice double d's
- all wrapped up in gauze as they leak from the seams
- the more that she breathes, the more that it bleeds
- pain killing the time, fill the need to succeed

- going under the knife not being mugged tho
- at the end of the sights of a corporate snub-nose
- you in a tug boat, trying to plug holes
- pick number twelve because society loves those
- re-program, play the chuck mans' hand
- moving mindless sheep on a scale that's grand
- give them all that brand, sizzled into skin
- stripped of themselves, no grip within